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Fund Administration Survey 2019

The focus of this survey is the provision of fund accounting and administration services to managers and fund promoters located anywhere in the world.


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Scoring Guide

7 - Excellent (consistently exceeds expectations)

6 - Very good (meets and occasionally exceeds expectations)

5 - Good (consistently meets expectations)

4 - Satisfactory (adequate but undistinguished)

3 - Weak (sometimes fails to meet expectations)

2 - Very weak (consistently fails to meet expectations)

1 - Unacceptable

Please help us to understand fully the responses you have given by writing a short explanation in the text box beneath each category.
In particular please give your reasons for any scores below 4 or any scores of 7
Core Fund Accounting and Administration
Please rate the categories set out below on a scale of
7 (excellent) to 1 (unacceptable).

1 Efficiency of transaction processing

2 Speed of error resolution

3 Speed of response to queries

4 Multi jurisdiction capability

5 Effectiveness of providing multi jurisdictional capability as a single, streamlined global offering

6 Ability to process income and capital events in a timely manner

7 Ability to handle different transaction types

8 Ability to provide KPI’s / meet SLA’s

Accounting and Valuation
Please rate the categories set out below on a scale of
7 (excellent) to 1 (unacceptable).

9 Timeliness of share / unit pricing

10 Accuracy of share / unit pricing

11 Flexibility of basis of valuing unit prices

12 Flexibility of frequency of pricing

13 Quality of tax reporting and analysis

14 Quality of regulatory reporting

15 Ability to identify, investigate and resolve reconciliation breaks

16 Ability to independently value derivatives e.g. OTC

Please rate the categories set out below on a scale of
7 (excellent) to 1 (unacceptable).

17 Timeliness of reporting

18 Accuracy of reporting

19 Flexibility of reporting method (portable devices, SWIFT)

20 Investment policy compliance monitoring

21 Performance measurement reporting

Approach and Flexibity
Please rate the categories set out below on a scale of
7 (excellent) to 1 (unacceptable).

22 Ability to handle new / complicated funds

23 Ability to handle fund transitions / rationalisations

24 Ability to support a broad product range (eg. unit linked life pensions / offshore
/ fund of funds etc.)

25 Knowledge of regulatory environment

26 Ability to customise services to your needs

27 Ability to develop product in line with changes in fund distribution and regulations

28 Relationship with third party providers (eg. Trustees / Depositaries / Custodians)

Quality of Personnel
Please rate the categories set out below on a scale of
7 (excellent) to 1 (unacceptable).

29 Knowledge / experience of relationship managers

30 Contactability of relationship managers

31 Responsiveness of relationship managers

32 Knowledge / experience of operational staff

33 Contactability of operational staff

34 Responsiveness of operational staff

Value for Money
Please rate the categories set out below on a scale of
7 (excellent) to 1 (unacceptable).

35 Competitiveness of fees

36 Overall quality of service

37 Transparency of fees / out of pocket expenses

38 Does your provider assist you with regulatory issues?
Please rate on a scale of
7 (excellent) to 1 (unacceptable).
How would you rank the quality of their support?
In the last 12 months
has the service from your provider
Please add any additional comments you wish to make about your provider or the survey:-